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Jeshield — "As a kid I always told my friends I wanted to buy a Dodge Ram and drive on Route 66…" — Art "The Ram" (American, Cars, Darkness)

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As a kid I always told my friends I wanted to buy a Dodge Ram and drive on Route 66… -- The Ram - Art Numérique par Matthias Zegveld
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Art The Ram

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9 September 2012


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As a kid I always told my friends I wanted to buy a Dodge Ram and drive on Route 66

"Howdy!" I remember when I created this perticular Artwork very well. I had just come back from a two-month vacation, staying in San Antonio, Texas.

Although not near the old Route 66, this of course is a place where many such awesome trucks are seen all around the streets and freeways. But I remember one of the first times I saw one growing up in Holland. Since these kind of trucks (also S.U.V.s and bigger typical American-made cars) are rarely seen over there, I was instantly amazed and awed by this cool vehicle.

Although nowadays, they are being imported into Europe more and more, just like the Ford Mustangs and the Chevy Corvettes are.

The Artwork itself took some time to find the right photograph, with the right angle and lighting. Though the picture was taken during the day, I choose to transform it into a night scene, just because I think it looks cooler with all the lights on, etcetera.

The first thing I did was making a cut-out of the entire truck. Since it was photographed in broad daylight on a grassy part adjacent to a street, I wanted to add the new background with the freeway myself. Of course, to simulate a moving scene, I added motion blur to the background, and in a turning way to the wheels, to suggest high speed rotating wheels.

After making the image darker and simulating a night scene, I painted in the headlights and taillights. This is always one of my favorite parts (beside the motion blurring to create the sense of "speed"). It always looks cool to magically turn the headlights on.

I loved the composition already, and rotated the entire Artwork quite some, to create that cool action look that I much adore when it comes to images of action and vehicles. Lastly, I did some major en some subtle color corrections and contrast adjustments, including some subtle vignetting and simulated lens-blur alongside the edges of the Artwork.

"Now buckle up mate", for it is time to take a nice long drive with our fierce and strong (Dodge) Ram.

By Matthias Zegveld — the Netherlands

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