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Während der König mit seinem Volk in den Palast Schlemmen, ist der Löwe draußen - Zerschlagung die Dämonen. -- Lion De Feu - Art Numérique par Matthias Zegveld
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Art Lion De Feu

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24 February 2012


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Während der König mit seinem Volk in den Palast Schlemmen, ist der Löwe draußen - Zerschlagung die Dämonen.

While the king is feasting with his people inside the grand palace on the rock, the Mighty Lion is outside -- busting the evil demons.

This exciting Digital Artwork features a mighty lion that is spitting out a bright orange fire, that even seems like it's a creature of its own! The hair of the great and mighty lion looks very realistic as it is glowing in the light from the fire.

In the background a beautiful historical castle is seen, on top of a rocky hill, which is the palace of the King, who is celebrating a feast at night. The sun shines its last rays through the clouds, as it is setting for the night.

Complete with a beautiful coast line with a peaceful ocean to the left, and a somewhat spooky evening sky to the right -- complete with some evil demon birds soaring in the sky.

By Matthias Zegveld — the Netherlands

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